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Common Core State Standards Professional Development Workshops

Quill Core Launch:
Introduction to and Student Placement within the CCSS
Quill Core Plus IEP:
Writing a Standards-Based IEP
Quill Core Plus Instruction:
Standard Analysis for Cross-Curricular Instruction
Quill Core Plus Environment:
The Standards-Based Classroom

Common Core State Standards Card Sets

K-12 Mathematics
K-12 English Language Arts
6-12 Literacy in History/Social Studies
6-12 Literacy in Science/Technical Subjects

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

All the materials needed to guide your staff through transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Classroom Resource Tools

Digital versions of the CCSS with search and copy-and-paste features. Digital or printed classroom data records and reports for communication with staff and parents.
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"This was so great--feel like I have a head start--a plan for next year--WOW!"
---Lori Ott, Livingston ESA, Michigan
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CCSS Professional Development

    In two formats:
  1. Presented by us.
  2. Delivered by you with our DIY PD kit.
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Understanding Students’ Current Position in Common Core State...
I suppose that every educator who digs deeply into the matter of building one’s teaching practice on a framework of standards eventually must arrive at a standards philosophy. Questions such as - how committed am I to standards-based instruction and why must be answered.If you were to draw, paint, or sculpt an image of your standards philosophy, what would it look like? Would it look like a ladder that students ascend? Might it be a cluster of pods with students positioned at various places within each pod? Would it feature neat rows of clearly separated geometric...

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